Women who do NOT ask out boys on Sadie Hawkins Day, but ask out other women, because they know they will have more fun.

Hell no Im not asking some guy to the dance! I'm going Sadies for the dance, the new chick in my math class is hot.

by nosillallison September 26, 2007
Top Definition
A beautiful, smart and courageous female with a tendency to take no shit from ANYONE.
Sady told Miss Ahmed to stop pointing her pen in Sady's face.
by betty101 March 27, 2011
The sexiest, smartest, kindest, sweetest, coolest and most BEAUTIFUL girl you have ever met. Shes easy to get along with, and shes cool as hell. Shes got tits and ass for days! If you know her, cherish her because she's one in a million.
The day I met Sadies, was the day my life began.

Guy #1: DAMN! Did you see that girl!
Guy #2: Yea, thats Sadies... she's cool as hell!
Guy #1: Yea, and look at that ass!
Guy #2: I'd hit that for SURE!
by Annonymous February 25, 2005
An ugly, fat, or otherwise undesirable girl that is likely to ask a guy to a school Sadie Hawkins dance. Often used in the plural.
That bitch was a total sadies.
Those bitches are sadies.
by Ritzi January 26, 2007
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