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When you masturbate to take your mind off something that's making you sad.
"Aw man...I'm so sad about my girl breaking up with me...I can't sleep..."
"Time to sadsturbate!"
by bassmanmiles92 June 27, 2011
Masturbation while in an intense period of remorse or sadness, lubrication naturally forming from tears raining down on one's frowny poundy
Sam was so upset when the Patriots lost to the Ravens that he sadsturbated for months in his room before he ran out of tears and boners.
by TeamKeefe January 23, 2013
Something emo kids do in the dark in their room after breaking up with their boyfriend (all emo boys are gay) for the eighth time that week.
The process involves crying profusely and masturbating simultaneously, using the tears as lube.
This has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.
Shane's such a little bitch, he sadsturbates in his room. His dick is covered in mascara.
by Addison Trent January 15, 2009
The act of masturbating while sad or depressed. Blood is often used as a lubricant for this activity.
After she broke up with me i sadsturbated violently and used my blood as lubricant.
by Dillypoo November 03, 2009
What people in long-distance relationships do during weekdays.
Kelsey's boyfriend hasn't visited recently... She must sadsturbate a lot.
by kxpe April 13, 2011
The term for masturbating while sad in order to take ones mind off of their personal troubles.
John Proctor's girlfriend broke up with him so he decided to sadsturbate in order to ease the sorrow.
by Carl Grimes April 17, 2016
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