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Created by Gucci Mane in his song "Kitchen," nobody is really sure what the true definition is. Chances are it pertains to his uncanny diligence in the kitchen, or how well he sells drugs.
Gucci unquriest a so icy shark
Selling white chalk tryna duck these narcs
by Dillypoo January 20, 2011
The act of masturbating to vent anger. Usually practiced by teens who listen to Slipknot or Korn.
Madsturbation is widely frowned upon by the public, but it is a great way for weird kids to channel their hatred at their penises!
by Dillypoo November 03, 2009
The act of masturbating while sad or depressed. Blood is often used as a lubricant for this activity.
After she broke up with me i sadsturbated violently and used my blood as lubricant.
by Dillypoo November 03, 2009

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