Singles Awareness Day
SAD falls on February 14, a day in which those not in committed relationships are doomed to be ostracised.
Q: So, what are your plans for SAD?
A: Hangin' out, drinking heavily, being rich due to not having to buy a diamond ring or some other ovepriced shiny shit.
by Ron Gadcee February 13, 2006
acronym for skate and desatroy
thrasher SAD is an example
by zach tyack September 23, 2007
S.A.D. = Severe Aesthetic Deficiencies

An acronym derived from a quote by Stewie Griffin of Family Guy.
That girl has a bad case of S.A.D.'s
by YourMother1 July 07, 2006
Has no meaning. If someone calls someone sad, it means that the person thsy're calling sad is different from them.
by DeaD PersoN August 01, 2003
A bit of a freak, not cool.
Oh god, watching cartoons at her age is soo sad.
by Anonymous January 22, 2003
S.A.D. - Smelly ass dick. When your junk gets sweaty, your scrotum gets sad and starts crying. The tears are actually sweat, and it makes your penis smelly.
Yo man I just got back from the gym and I have a ridiculous sad.

I'm sad that I have a sad :(
by Jizzy Stizz December 01, 2007
Acronym - Standard American/Australian Diet

Used by vegetarians to refer to the eating habits of the average non-vegetarian.
"After I went veg I couldn't believe I'd been eating SAD for so long."
by Dave_3141592 November 06, 2004

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