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1. Spanish word for pencil sharpener

2. Nice random word to be used when the conversation is getting kinda boring

3. Prettiest word in all of spanish language, obsessesed over by spanish teachers around the world
Fred- "..."
George- "..."
Fred- "Sacapuntas!"
by Gem March 19, 2005
1. (Sp.) pencil sharpener

2. (Sp. slang) A very complex, yet deeply satisfying sexual technique known to only a select group of passionate Latin American lovers.
1. Pass me el sacapuntas.

2. Give me el sacapuntas.
by WingnutUR July 28, 2009
1. The Spanish word for pencil sharpener.
2. A word you may call your friends when acting like idiots.
3. A word to cheer yourself up when feeling down.
1. Sacapuntas! Pencil Sharpener!
2. Ughhh! Brian! You sacapuntas!
3. Hehehe! Sacapuntas...
by Garry Blotter January 07, 2010
A word to shout while traveling in taxi cabs which induces and ignites furious illegal street races between taxi drivers on the streets of San Francisco.

Look at the cabby next to you. He is mean mugging you. Do something about it....SACAPUNTAS!
by King of the Castle April 24, 2008

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