an ancient cougar who tries to pick up really young guys
That was hilarious when that sabretooth tiger was hitting on Tim
by onslaught94 February 08, 2010
Top Definition
A cougar that is so old that she is now extinct.
Ladonna tried to trade her husband in for a younger version but she had unknowingly become a sabre tooth tiger.
by The Ray-Jay combo September 07, 2011
An old woman (who's long in the tooth) that hooks up with a young guy.
Did you see Cloris Leachman making out with Jack Black? She's a Sabre Tooth Tiger!
by mrbearsh May 30, 2009
When a man is either sexually active, dating, or married to a woman 20 plus years his senior.
Instead of a 30 year old man dating a cougar who is 44 years old. A 30 year old man dating a sabre' tooth tiger who is fifty five.
by lesshizzle May 10, 2011
When a girl is sucking two throbbing hard erections at the same time.
Jenny pulled a sabretooth tiger with Parker and Twebb.
by Wobbly H January 08, 2005
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