A name from Arabic Origin meaning "Beautiful, Graceful".

All heads turn when she enters the room
Possessive about her loved ones
She enjoys nothing better than a challenge
Quick to act in times of need
Always wants the best in life
Plans well for each difficulty
Her heart is as soft as a rose petal
She lives a healthy life
That girl Sabiha is pretty amazing, I want to be her boyfriend.
by Robby Hagan February 09, 2008
A chipmunk found near the river banks of Bangladesh.
Look on the roof of the flooded house, it's a Sabiha.
by Todd Davis May 08, 2006
someone who pronounces Budhism as Booty Ism...what a freaking dweeb...Oh they also smell like a baby's diaper
This person is so Sabiha, they are worse than a baby's diaper
by Dunno1234 February 02, 2010

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