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a make of cymbol used in drumming.
'check out my hand hammerd sabian cymbols.'
by tv January 08, 2005
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huge dildo machine for girls to sit on
That bitch is cumin cause that sabian
by JOSHTC January 27, 2005
Sabian is a brand of cymbals
Sabian is a brand of cymbals, whereas a SYMBIAN is what chicks use to fuck themselves
by not retarded January 26, 2009
sabian, the world's greatest tennis player. seen only in Heavy Duty Tennis vol. 30, he is a marvel at handling balls, paying attention to his partner, and resisting arrest.
SABIAN, weild me!!!!
by marklar21 August 08, 2006
A weird, funny, insane, unusual guy.
You act like a Sabian.
by Steaver370 May 05, 2004

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