Shit your pants.

Better than LOL or ROFL. Can even take the place of SMH. This is used to describe when something is just so DAMN funny (or disgusting), that you just can't help but know.
1. "OH MY GOD! tosh.0 is fucking hilarious man! You gotta see it; I swear you'll practically SYP everytime!"

2. "Dude, you know that girl you hooked up with last night when you were shitfaced? Well, she's ugly as'll prolly SYP when you see her next."
by *~BassNECTAR~* January 14, 2011
Top Definition
Smack Yo Pussy!
Nikki Seven: You could SYP

Emily Taylor: huh

Nikki Seven:Smack Yo Pussy!
Go ahead. Smack you pussy.
Just smack the fuck out of it!
Be all like, bitch I own you! Smack!
by Kandi Klover October 08, 2013
Simple Yet Perfect
'that's syp, man'
when u headshot some1 in a game
by D0G May 10, 2003
Syps (so your pussy says)When a person tells a lie, stretches the truth, of tells you something so unbelievable you know they are full of shit. You want to tell them they are speaking not out of their ass...but from their pussy
dick told me he had sex with Jane for 37 hours straight. SYPS I told dick.
by ab55555 March 19, 2014
Acronym for Shave Your Pubes.
Usually said to a guy who wants to get action but has a hairy bush.
If you want me to blow you, you better syp.
by Rah-Rah-Rah July 22, 2008
"Say Your Prayers" - A brutal graffiti-oriented street gang running primarily in the North East. Hard to get into, harder to get out. As their name says, you'll need luck on your side if there's anything going down. Best to keep away.
Don't mess with SYP, they'll fuck you up.
by Yeahsys September 03, 2016
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