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Single Woman With Animals - The precursor to the crazy cat/bird/dog woman.

Normally a woman in her 30s whose maternal instincts have been directed towards one or more animals in their life, usually at the expense of male or all other human company. They are often oblivious to their own desperate plight and the only cure is to have offspring of their own if they haven't completely put off potential mates and hopefully not as a result of copulating with that same animal(s).

Other humans are usually put off about the constant chat about their little shnookums, thus increasing their isolation.
"I went on a date with this girl, but she turned out to be a SWWA, all she could talk about was her dog!"

"I was talking to Hilde the other day and she was complaining that her mum was pressuring to get a boyfriend and have kids, but she didn't see the need since she had a dog. She's turned into a SWWA!"
by jdahl77 December 23, 2011
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