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Typical old norwegian name. Usually describes all the fun crazy girls.
you are so hilde...
by maccha March 09, 2010
An norwegian expression coming from their well-known beer-drinking champion. A girl named Hilde, won the champion-shio four years in a row. (And NO, norway isn't that small, so it's stilla BIG deal). After this she almost won second place in drinking j├Ągermeister, but got disqualified in the end, because she was underage. (boooh)

But then she won second place in drinking shots of fisherman, but this lead to a blackout and she still has no idea who won first place.

Sadly, after these huge accomplishments and entering endless competitions, she had to retire, due to a damaged liver.
Wow, you're going to be the next Hilde!

Where were you when Hilde got disqualified?

He tried to do a Hilde, but instead he got his stomache pumped.

I'm so doing the Hilde Tonight.
by RealLifeHistorian October 25, 2010
Hilde is tha maaaan!
that guy there is the Hilde!
by Horosee December 05, 2007

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