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Abbr. for SoWhatRelax. Easy to say, very hard for some people to follow.
SWR: "God damn you need to settle the fuck down..."
Some1: "But I have so many things to do, so many things to care about... life is tough man..."
SWR: "Just try not to waste it, try to enjoy life a bit."
Some1: "I don't have time bla bla bla money bla bla bla working bla bla bla... I have so much pressure ..."
SWR: "SoWhatRelax"

"So What Relax... before it's too late"

"Relaxed Under Pressure"
by SWR July 08, 2006
A company that makes awesome bass amplifiers.
"I'm gonna buy an SWR WorkingPro 15!"
"Dude, those amps are awesome!"
by Schuyler K February 07, 2009
SWR is the abbreviation for California based darkwave band "She Wants Revenge".

SWR = She Wants Revenge
by Flawless & Blitz November 23, 2007
Standing Wave Ratio, a measure of how much radio energy sent into an antenna system is being reflected back to the transmitter
Oh crap! this stupid tuner keeps giving me a 3 to 1 SWR!!!!
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 01, 2004
Star Wars Reality - A MUD source code
SWR is a very unstable source code!
by Ezekiel March 28, 2005
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