5 definitions by rnh

sexually beautiful
daaaamn shawty bonedatious
by rnh May 27, 2009
where you at.
where u bout to go
im chillen, what you iz?
by rnh May 27, 2009
1) to leave, be out
2) smoked out
(short term to bounce(leave) or to be blazed out)
yo i ounced, so i wasn't there
yo im ounced. im done.
yo im bout to ounce
by rnh May 27, 2009
a lil bit left to drink
yo swig that.

take this swig.
by rnh May 27, 2009
an expression of bein fucked up or wrong.
or something crazy.
1) yo thats vide!!!
2) yo i feel vide.
3) thats vide as fuck!!!
by rnh May 27, 2009

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