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A mix between the words: SWEET & SEXY=SWEXY.
Girl, your hair is really SWEXY.
by Jack August 11, 2004
A mixture of a person, romantic situation or otherwise fitting scenario that is a comfortable mixture of sweet and sexy; a combination of sweetness and sexiness; having a sexy air, but also being sweet.
When they were kissing each other and he was like, 'I love you' in the heat of the moment, yeah, that was totally swexy.
by Alfred F. Jones May 20, 2010
adjective, descriptive word for someone that is both sweaty and sexy.
"This morning I came home looking swexy."
"When I leave the gym I look swexy."
by bringing swexy back April 26, 2010
a term used to describe a woman that is both sweet and sexy see also l.a.g.
damn baby your swexy as hell most super hot girls like you are so snobby
by capnE June 16, 2007
Exhibiting equal parts sweet and sexy.
A buff man snuggling with his adorable puppy, that's just too swexy.
by Kamster March 17, 2016
the merge of the words sexy and swag. meaning not only does it have swagger but is also sexy. this word came to be known in an argument. about who's singer was better.
man that chick is swexy.
by john timberlake April 06, 2010
1) The combination between the words swag/sweg and sexy; usually used when referring to an attractive being in which you find has class and good facial/personality features
2) The combination between the words sweet and sexy; usually used to describe the fun and flirty characteristics of something.
1) That boy over there is extremely swexy.
2) The perfume was swexy.
by _imfuckingawesome_ February 22, 2014
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