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small white cock, opposite of bbc
did you see john's swc? it was only 4 inches!
by latisha simmons April 07, 2008
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Gang in southwest Houston, Texas. The baddest, biggest & oldest gang in Houston. Has over 8000 members. The main 'hoods' are Glenmont and Westpark. Majority of members are hispanic.

Hey homes bust that Lollypop in his mera cresta
by SWC;Jose August 19, 2006
shoulda, woulda, coulda
man i've made a lot of mistakes when i was with her, S.W.C.
by yumcoh February 16, 2009
salty water corner, a typical chinese dimsum.
can also be referred to as "psswc", or peaceful shrimp salty water corner.
"when i go yumcha, i like to order swc"
by ming do January 06, 2008
Stupid Wannabe Criminals
The funeral home where my Mother's funeral was held was hit with graffitti the night before her funeral. On the day of her funeral my family and I had to see this foolishness. I will always remember this attack and how much sadder it made the saddest day of my life. The ironic part of it is it said Fuck the White and we are Mexicans. So their stupid act hurt their own people. The funeral home has a sign asking people to be respectful of the dead and their families please no graffitti. The wonderful SWC spray painted their graffitti around the sign. I hope they are feeling proud today as my family grieves the lost of our beloved Mother.
by mariadejesus June 03, 2009
Spirit West Coast-a christian music gathering
I went to SWC last year.
by calvin March 24, 2005

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