White kid: Shit, i forgot to switch on my swag when i woke up this morning
Azn kid: Hah, loser. it's SWAG (Something We Asians Got).
by theskinnyasian January 18, 2011
stupid wild ass guess

Originally a derogatory term against having to be pinned down to unpredictable plans. Arose while "efficiency experts" were getting their reputations, and before political correctness started softening such terms.
"The Estimating Department required my S.W.A.G. in a hurry, then later blamed me for not holding to my 'promised' schedule and budget."
by Perpetual Worker April 01, 2009
Southern Women Aging Gracefully
used in the book "SWAG" by Melinda Rainey Thompson
by grandeloveee November 28, 2008
shit, rubbish, whack, mad
dont giv him props man dat man is swag
by unknown March 23, 2005
(S)uper (w)ild (a)ss (g)uess, as in an off-the-cuff estimate of effort to achieve some result. Used frequently in the application software industry, to guess the amount of work it would take to introduce a piece of functionality into a software product.
The 'swag' for implementing your feature is 10 days.
by Duane October 18, 2004
Good stuff from the bigwigs!
Got me some uber swag at a promo party!
by DigitalKreation September 28, 2004
something we all got? no. something we Africans got? no. something we Americans got? no. Something we ASIANS got. YES.
WHITE BOY: hey, did you know swag is something we all got?

ASIAN BOY:n FUCK NO. It's something we ASIANS got.
by still_deciding February 23, 2012

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