Swag is coolness, the way one holds their head up. Swag can be accumulated by hanging out with friends or obliterated if one performs an embarrassing act.

Some people have begun to use "swag" as a level of popularity. People with the highest swag are treated like kings and queens, while people with the lowest swag are treated like peasants and shit.

Many Asians have begun to use the word "swag" as a definition of their own coolness. Some Asians have "swag", some don't. They have even created an abbreviation for swag:


Swag can also be raised through doing acts of coolness and kindness, depending on the situation, e.g. You scored a basketball hoop, or can be lowered by doing acts of douchebaginess and major stupidity. e.g. You farted in gym class. 'Nuff said.

However, extreme swag can lead to extreme arrogance, which leads to loss of swag, and therefore, loss of popularity. It is important to remember to at least try to be humble, in order to keep swag. It is, however, possible to be arrogant and keep your swag levels at a high level, but this takes months of experimenting on what to do, depending on your environment.

In conclusion, a large amount of swag is good, compared to a tiny amount of swag. Swag may also be needed to ask out girls and boys and not be rejected.
"Man, that Jack has so much swag."

"Dude, you just lost some swag."
by MJthemaster September 05, 2011
Something We Asians Got.
oh, i've got swag.
by zoinks13 May 13, 2011
Something you can have if you are 100% certain you have it.
The confident gansta had mad swag.
by Lapidation September 28, 2010
A word that white people will never know the true meaning of.

the dictionaries say that swag is the way you carry yourself but, the word is never used in agreement with the definition
Black man: "I got swag" (I got "the way i carry myself")

White man: "What is swag"

Black man: "Oh, you wouldn't understand"
by sb123baby February 02, 2009
Southern Women Aging Gracefully
used in the book "SWAG" by Melinda Rainey Thompson
by grandeloveee November 28, 2008
Not very good, bad, uninteresting.
Dude, that film was pretty swag
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005




something we americans got
fuck canada they dont got swag america does
by sagmonster13 October 31, 2011

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