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east london uk
crashed computer
by VICTOR April 08, 2004
1. very low quality marijuana, usually with a low level of THC.
2. Cheap weed, much of it smuggled from mexico in the southwest US.
3. Synonym for "stuff"
"damn, kyle's not home yet," , "I can get some swag?!?!" , "no man, let's just wait for some chron!"
by derek November 19, 2003
something you don't have,if your looking up the meaning
Guy with no swag:What's swag,i need to know since i have so much of it

Guy with swag:Dude,you have no swag
by IM NOT YO DADDY IM YO GRANDPA February 18, 2012
dammyou got swag
by sexy lady123 October 06, 2011
Scientific Wild Ass Guess. A term used by Marine Corps when under extreme pressure and unable to waste time to calculate relative distances to targets, especially at night. A swag is a guesstimation of distances when there is no time for scientific formulaic calculations.
Soldier 1: How far those Taliban soldiers over there?
Soldier 2: I can't tell; There's no time, we'll have to make a swag.

John Smith one-shot-one-killed 16 N.V.A. soldiers in the middle of the night by swagging their relative distances.
by Mysticuno September 18, 2011
'Swag' means when you think something is not worth listening to or someone is not worth talking to, a waste of time.
That boys music is 'Swag'
by Nat_G February 07, 2007
Swag refering to a Promiscuous young woman, a slut or hoe is also a common description. orignated from the hollywood party lingo for Stuff/We/All/Get it was adapted for a new meaning by the students of Van Buren High School In Queens New York
Yo that chick with the crooked teeth is one dirty swag.
Damn Marv why you messing with her, she is a swag, you know an all around the block type of hoe

by J4Blaze February 02, 2007