Something We Asians Got
Well. I sure have S.W.A.G
by AsianAznDble April 17, 2011
An acronym for SENIOR WOMAN ARE GREAT! An organization comprised of senior woman who wake up the senior men on a secret school day and dress them up in girl's clothes. Usually use pink as their official color and perform other good-natured pranks and tricks thoughout the year. A 50-year old tradition in the Littleton, Colorado area.
1. I got SWAGed last night!
2. SWAG decorated the hallways for Homecoming
by A Senior Woman! September 15, 2005
Pronounced "swagg": acronym. Noun. "Slut With A Gut." Used to denote females who wear skimpy clothing and who are overweight around the midsection. Most likely to be unpleasing to the eye, be it male or female.
Dude, she is such a swag.
by Mr. Saint May 20, 2005
Sorry to disappoint everybody who has posted their numerous definitions on this forum. SWAG, is in fact, a slang term used by cops. Its definition is "Stolen Without A Gun".

So, now you all know the true defintion of this term. Don't worry, life goes on.
"After Detective Jones arrested the fence, the SWAG was returned to its rightful owners."
by G Man February 23, 2005
east london uk
crashed computer
by VICTOR April 08, 2004
1. very low quality marijuana, usually with a low level of THC.
2. Cheap weed, much of it smuggled from mexico in the southwest US.
3. Synonym for "stuff"
"damn, kyle's not home yet," , "I can get some swag?!?!" , "no man, let's just wait for some chron!"
by derek November 19, 2003
something you don't have,if your looking up the meaning
Guy with no swag:What's swag,i need to know since i have so much of it

Guy with swag:Dude,you have no swag
by IM NOT YO DADDY IM YO GRANDPA February 18, 2012

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