awesomeness, who cool u r, how u feel about urself, how u dress, coolness.
if u really dont get it by now then your just a moron.. its swag... duh
by mmm23512 November 01, 2011
The amount of awesomeness someone has.
Lauren: Yo whats up guys ?

Katie: Nothing. Hey lauren did you know that adam has more

swag than me ?!?!

Lauren: Ya of course.....

Adam : Wow thanks katie :')
by Loberto19 August 28, 2011
Something We Asians Got
dance is S.W.A.G
music is S.W.A.G
by pinoixboi September 06, 2010
Another word for crappy caf. food. It is used because it is "Shit we all get" when at school, particularly at colleges.
Heading to the caf to eat some swag.
by Keriann Clinton January 07, 2007
The sweat that accumulates on the underside of a mans genitals, in specific reference to his nutsack. The beginning letters "SW" refer to persperation or sweat. The letters preceeding "SW" ie; "AG" sweaty bag, "UNT"sweaty cunt,"ASS" sweaty ass, being in reference to various parts of the human anatomy.
"Man I got the worse case of swag.. pass the corn starch will ya."... Related words: Swass (sweaty ass) Swunt (sweaty cunt) Swalls (sweaty balls)
by Bob Holland May 19, 2006
us soldiers have S.W.a.G.
by smok33dub34r April 16, 2009
A girl with stinky finger!
Hey SWAG can i smell your fingers!!
by Pigfeet May 31, 2007

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