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Souveniers, Wearables and Gifts
The campaign was donating SWAG to give to potential voters.
by Bruce Dennison March 25, 2004
A canvas bedroll commonly used in Australia. Consists of a thin mattress inside a canvas covering, may contain poles to keep the roof raised like a small tent, insect mesh to keep bugs out and other creature comforts. Rolls up for compact storage afterwards. Most swags are about 2 ft (60cm) wide and about 1 ft (30cm) thick once rolled up.
1)Got sick of things in the city, so I chucked my swag on the back of the bike and headed out into the bush for a few weeks. Rolled it out on the top of a hill and watched the beautiful starry sky while I fell asleep. Easy way to forget my problems.

2) Mind if I stay at your place after the party? I bought my swag, I'll just roll it out in oyur lounge room.
by Gargoyle_eva December 18, 2011
S.W.A.G stands for the Students With Academic Goals Program or the Swahili Western-Samoa Anti German pact from WWII
George-Hey man im in S.W.A.G
Phil Mickelson-Cool keep up the good work
by Isaac returns May 30, 2012
A term reinvented by the younger generation. Swag is an abstract and often intangible concept. Generally is used to describe a certain way of carrying oneself that conveys a certain effortlessness in all aspects of life - someone who has "swag" employs a fluid body language and lazy or careless behavior to give off a sense of inner peace and absolute confidence. Clothing also plays a large role in one's swag - generally it is associated with urban hip-hop themed apparel, generally with either bright colors or the prominent use of white so as to appear more "clean". this look does not work for everyone, and is generally only used by the upper class. more poverty-ridden individuals who seek swag can use a variety of clothes - ultimately swag is not about one particular style, but about the individual's ability to find and maintain a style that suits their personality.
"Damn son what are you tryna do with them jordans? How long you been saving up for that shit? You be wearing them bright white jordans with your plaid shirt and your ratty-ass dreadlocks, nah son. Nah. you walk around your block in that shit you gon get shot."

"Damn son Nardwuar has more swag than most rappers. He nerdy as all get out but he don't give a fuck."
by yung alex May 06, 2013
SWAG is an acronym for the following:

W - WE

It should NOT be confused with shwag or shwagg, even if crappy pot is all you and your friends get.
The stuff you get for free at sponsored events. Radio stations give away SWAG, (key chains, tshirts, stickers, etc.)

Tween Girl: OMG! I went to the Justin Bieber concert and all the SWAG had his face on it! SQUEEEEEEEE!
by Sinderz March 08, 2013
slang originating in the early 1800s for stolen goods or booty; possibly carried by a swagman or pirate
Pirate: arr we be stealin all yer swag
by da nafta November 03, 2013
An acronym used in the 1960s by a group of men.
"Secretly We Are Gay"
He was part of the SWAG group.
by SquidgyPower August 31, 2012
Something you take camping.
Person 1: I got swag!
Person 2: Yeah? Where are you going?
by tonei39 February 11, 2013