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an acronym for the Syracuse University Marching Band, or the "Pride of the Orange"
Guy 1: Why do I even go to Syracuse football games?
Guy 2: To watch Otto and the SUMB, not for legit Div. 1 football...
#syracuse #otto the orange #orangemen #syracuse university #marching band
by cusekid March 11, 2009
an acronym for "Snickering Under My Breath" as a more realistic alternatitive for LOL "Laughing out loud"
A: I probably just failed my algebra final.
B: Yeah, sumb
#lol #lmao #roflmao #rofl #snickering #haha
by WatchIt2 February 03, 2010
SUMB is an abbreviation for Super Ultimate Mother Bitch. It refers to the leader of the bitchhood. Typically, the SUMB is beyond bitchy and is known for flirting with guys.
What!? Mandy is a SUMB? No wonder she is so ugly and mean yet always tries to flirt with guys. She is beyond cheap and disgusting.
#bitch #ultimate #mother #queen bitch #motherbitch
by lengjai123 June 15, 2010
sumb=so dumb. invented by Ammie, so thanks for that
Chelsea is not very attractive and she's sumb.
by huxflux February 07, 2005
It means Shut Up Motherfuckin' Bitch. That's all. Used for pesky nerds saying "You're ugly" and all sorts of criticism or whatever.
SUMB! You're just a nerd.
#shut up #motherfuckin' #bitch #shut #nerd
by doubtful pensive July 20, 2006
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