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Name of a girl. Usually pernouced, "Amy" A very beautiful girl, sometimes can get a lil bit crazy, and shy when meeting new people. But when you become friends with her, shes an amazing friend. Mostly gets along with guys more then females.
Person 1: "Hey Ammie!"
Person 2: "Hey Lili!"
by Anabell Lee July 09, 2011
Sometimes used as a nickname for Amelia. This nickname isn't used quite often, but it is a very valuable nickname indeed. :]

Ammie comes from trying to pronounce Amelia.
"What's your name again? Aahhhh...mmmm...eee.... screw it, I'm calling you Ammie."
by hmm. whats my name? July 11, 2008
A stalker who has sex a lot and can't let go of the past.
Someone whoe wants what she can't have.
Loves other peoples boyfriends
Then when they're over makes friends with the girl
Ammie: I loved him
girl: sucks i know
Ammie: Oh you know I'm talking about jordan right?
girl: Urm no
Ammie: Oh well we were in a relationship
girl: oh okay
by Socially awkward May 29, 2011

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