(plaural)- a group of lesbians exceeding the number of three. any subaru of lesbians larger than ten, shall be known as a U-haul of lesbians.
this time i went to rahobeth beach, i saw a pair of subarus converging on the corner to become a U-Haul for the protest ralley
by apophis413 April 24, 2011
The vehicle of choice for the modern day hippie. Drivers of said cars have noticeable characteristics such as driving 10 mph under the speed limit, swerving all over their lane; because lack of driving skill and cutting you off while changing lanes.

But Subarus aren't limited just to hippies, you will also find a large number of cocky douche bags drive this. Characteristics of these drivers is actually thinking they matter. Its cute at first, seeing them think that their car is fast but can be rather annoying after you see it a second time. Bless their little heart.
Dumbass Subaru driver: My car go fast it has awd and windows
Knowledgeable American car driver: Cool story bro
Dumbass Subaru driver: *throws hissy fit*
by magic8ball88 August 28, 2010
Derived from car model, Subaru is a reference by Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) meaning Subtweeting. Basically if you intend to direct a tweet to a specific individual without mentioning their names, you "Subaru" them.
This is a subaru, You have a half nude avi and yet you tweet religious tweets.
by tyrus_ November 14, 2012
An obvious lesbian.
Homosexual female.
That chick was a total Subaru
by Lump Grunge August 12, 2008
Sexually Transmitted Infection
Man, she gave me a subaru, she is a slut.
by Bryan Buddy November 30, 2010
1) Lesbians
2) Cars that are mostly driven by Lesbians (and unsuspecting 'sensible' and pragmatic people).
3) Variant of Toyota Tacoma et-BMW3's for those with good jobs.
Holy scram! There are hella Subaru's on your street!
I just met Midge and Kelly today after meeting Jane and Jane yesterday! Dang!
by KathleenAnastasiaWalsh May 15, 2007
i dont know where u guys got scooby or scoob from i have only herd it subee or suby so i think u guys should check it out
"my subee kicked the shit out of that piece of hit civic"
by subaru for ever July 21, 2004
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