A type of car. Commonly seen in wagon format or the SUV. Often driven by liberal science teachers who plaster the back bumper with pro homosexual stickers as well as Kerry/Edwards stickers.
Kurt: Did you see the science teacher's Subaru?

Nick: Mister Freeman's?

Kurt: Ya, It had rainbows all over. I think he likes it in the mass.

Nick: Probably.
by Ub3rspam October 04, 2007
Using the slightly different Exkimo spelling "Soebahrue" which is pronounced EXACTLY the same, it means "Man who beds with seals"
I saw Chimok down on the ice floe doign that thing with the seals again. He's a total Soebahrue.
by Jimmy James August 24, 2003
SUBARU..As fashionable as a white shellsuit on a NED with a burberry hat(known as jakey)Owning a subaru is like owning a letter box(everyone has got one) a poor mans saab with plastic interior,bonnet and various panels. Normally owned by middle age boy racer.
12volt noise of thunder with a noisey retarded dump valve oh it must be a subaru
by Ivor biggane February 23, 2008
The bastard step-child of the Japanese auto industry. Kinda like the japanese version of American Motors.
by Da Dude October 17, 2003
Worst Japanese car ever made. Gas guzzling, hippy mobile, driven by losers. Beaten by cars like Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota.Terrible performance. Go Evo and 350Z!
"See that Subaru WRX? What a piece of crap!"
by Toyota Boy August 11, 2008
A car maker that wishes it wish's it was Mitsubishi

Makes the famed Imprezza STi, a car similar to the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Series but just can't seem to match it

The top range of one of the series shares it's intials with the term, Sexually Transmitted Infection. Random Fluke? I think not!
Moron: Dude, my new subaru Imprezza would kick the ass of any car on the road

Intelligent person: not really, its no Evo
by Tom ! July 05, 2006

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