The Subaru is commonly known as Scooby, Scooby-Doo or Scoobaru most commonly in Australia
Mate, I just flogged the arse out of that EVO with my Scoobaru
by the 12 volt king June 19, 2005
After a 2 year obsession with subaru i have found out a ton about them. First off its a jap. company witch produces the only All symmetrical All Wheel Drive system that subaru is famous for. Subaru is really famous for its rally preformance. The rally subaru impreza wrx sti contains a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine that produces an amazing 300 horsepower with an AWD system as well. Think about it a ferrari spider produces 360 horsepower on a 8 cylinder engine. With even 25 less torque then the subaru. Subaru accelerates faster then most sport cars including the prosche 911 turbo. Also it has been known for insurance costs to be less when a person owns a subaru due to the safety a AWD system gives you. Its famous boxer engine contains the cylinders opposite each other instead of one after the other like in all other cars. Subaru is the best company in the world and the Subaru WRX STI is the best car in the world. You would give me a free mclauren f1 i would sell it and buy a subaru wrx or maybe even a outback witch has more ground clearence then a BMW X5

if you would like to contact me AIM = Subaruwrxh4
The subaru engine is a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine witch produces an amazing 300 horsepower on the subaru wrx sti.
by Konrad September 09, 2004
A high-quality and innovative car company from Japan. Affordable all-wheel-drive systems and quirky styling have made Subaru very popular in America and parts of Europe. Outback was First of its kind (excluding old Eagles). Also know as lesbian cars to many. Impreza is now famous for its rallye racing prowess, while Legacy and Forester turbo engines are now so fast it's almost scary. Fun to drive.
I want a Subaru WRX but I can't afford to insure it even though I'm 32!
by caseypaul August 22, 2006
Affectionally known as Scooby/Scoob - driven by people who think there is no car faster on the road
Nothing can beat my Scoob on the twisties
by CossieLover August 12, 2003
quite possibly the finest machine on earth ever created before mailbot.
operators are known to burn out clutch related items while listening to old music. each unit is equipped with coffee holders to transport various liquids. Vehicle is know to allow foreign objects to enter interior thru sunroofs.
Noid - opening the sunroof
C - jerkin *tosses paper*
fug - subaru!
by foug January 12, 2005
The art of Sub-tweeting, i.e. tweeting one thing when you mean another.

A double entendre in 140 characters or less, usually an inside joke between a circle of friends on Twitter.
"I'm taking a dump, from the 8th floor" This is a classic Sub tweet (Subaru) aimed a a certain Financial Analyst
by Mwirigi December 26, 2011
A Japanese car manufacturer of renown for their all-wheel-drive vehicles. They used to produce cool cars but after 2010 they are as bland and unexciting as your uncle's Toyota Camry and your grampa's Buick. The WRX is also sadly replacing the Civic as the car of choice for young ricers who makes you want to drive your Subaru with a paper bag on your head so you don't get associated with them.
"Is that the new Toyota?"

"Yeah, they added a hood scoop though... then maybe its a Subaru."

by rallysport December 22, 2011

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