Standard Topless Makeout. The go to hookup situation for virgins, girls playing hard to get, Catholics, or conservative Protestants.
Dude 1: "Did you get any action last night with Kate after you left the party?"

Dude 2: "No more than an STM. She goes to church every Sunday and she may be trying to date me."
by mysteriousmd November 29, 2010
"Speak to me", Used as a greeting when answering your phone
Phone rings!

Daniel: "STM!"

John: "Hi Daniel, I was just ringing you to ask you if your going to the patch tonight?"
by Stabber of loughshinny July 04, 2009
Classic internet jargin which is usually more appropriate than lol, for if you were to laugh out loud at everyhing slightly amusing on the internet you would not only be a fool but you would hurt your jaw. Anyway, STMS simple means Smile to Myself
Random1: slighty amusing sentence
RamdomIdiot: LOL!!
RandomSanePerson: STMS
by MrDanger January 11, 2005
spank the monkey
i wanna s.t.m.
by Animel November 22, 2003
"Smile To Myself" - When you're not actually laughing (or feel that LOL would be overkill), but the text joke did get a smile out of you (internal or external).
A: "are you allowed to be nudey in a nudey theater?"
B: "good question! stm"
by WordNerd2 November 08, 2012
STM is an acronym for "Stop The Madness". It is often used to express suprise, excitement, frustration or disbelief of some sort.
"LeBron James just signed to the Miami Heat, STM" or "Have you heard Lil Wayne's new song? STM"
by J-Khan December 12, 2011
STM is slang for smiling to myself and is very similar to abbreviations like LOL (laugh out loud) and FTW (For The Win)It is one of the fastest growingly used words and next year will be added in the English dictionary.

Oh, and it is often mistaken for STI or STD (sexually transmitted infection/disease)
Nat.: Oh, remember that time with that teddy bear
Jess: Haha! STM :)
by berackk July 26, 2011

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