Evil power-hungry, strike happy people who derive pleasure from providing mediocre transit service, shabby customer service, and squeezing as many people into a bus (at least 100) as they can (Routes 80, 139, 505, 535).
Damn it! I missed the 139 again! The next one is gonna be jam-packed, and it's gonna take me 30 minutes before I get to the Metro! And then the Metro is gonna be jammed! DAMN YOU STM!!!
by pseudonym April 27, 2004
One who pretends to be good at a particular sport, but in reality cannot play it whatsoever. Can be used in a sentence with yayaya with severe sarcasm.
Also can be used as an insult term in basketball to an opposing player on the court who cannot play according to regulation(s).
"Yayaya! Way to shoot that airball, you're not STM."


"I enjoy the way you got blocked at today's game. Continue with your STM-ness and you'll be an all-star soon!"
by Thomas December 03, 2003
1) One who likes to perform the action of sticking one's finger up the anal cavity of another human being, usually being male,and/or ugly, as STM also denotes being a queer.

2) Can be used in conjunction with yayaya.
1) So, STM I hear you anally fingered that queer guy!?!? STM....YAYA YOUR NOT GAY!
by Pseudo Mexican December 19, 2003
Stokes Per Minute

See masturbate
See handjob
I can stroke my penis at 350 STM.

My girlfriend gives my a handjob at 650 STM.
by Calvin August 16, 2004
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