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A sick, twisted, inverted, burp. Unlike normal gastric emissions, the "STIB" is almost a burp in reverse. It appears to emanate from lower down than conventional burps.
What the hell was that?
A stib.
by HiTmAN November 08, 2003
Bits spelt backwards.

When used in a sentence, it's meaning is the polar opposite of the typical bitch. In conversation between men, it is used as a compliment towards a female
Shawn: I was talkin to Steph last night
Pierre: What did she say?
Shawn: Well we chatted for a while. She was completely the opposite of what I thought she would be. My first impression was that she was a major bitch.
Pierre: Nah everybody feels like that at first. She's a stib man no doubt
by da_thug44 November 01, 2007
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