A phrase used when you want to tell a n00b who is acting dumb to shut up.
n00b: LiEk, OmG, i R t3h l33t
Vet: STFY!
by The Spanish Inquisition December 11, 2004
Top Definition
1. Common misspelling of STFU. Often followed by its correct spelling in the next message.

2. Can be quickly given the meaning "SHUT THY FUCKING YAP" when confronted about your misspelling.
Person 1: you suck
Person 2: STFY
Person 2: STFU

Person 1: you suck
Person 2: STFY
Person 1: STFY?
by andyaml April 03, 2004
Shortened This For You.

Just as in FTFY, Internet forum posters use STFY to respond to another post with an edited version of it, to show the OP that there is a better—in this case, shorter—way to say it.
>forbids pretending that you can cure diseases if you aren't a trained medical doctor

>forbids quackery

by Rafes March 31, 2011
(Intended as an addendum to andyaml's already great definition)

Another popular workaround of the STFY misinterpretation is the new catchphrase "Shut the fuck you," combining perhaps two of the most potent online threats for a salient, comical and effective deterrent.
<TrendyHipster> Hey you, guy.
<Guy> what
<TrendyHipster> SHUT THE FUCK YOU
<Wallflower> Hey, that guy's pretty trendy
<Wallflower(1)> Yeah, and hip, too!
by Chalupamonk June 24, 2004
Acronym for Steal the furniture you!
Scarface, seriously just stfy!
by guess who July 11, 2004
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