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One of the most popular theories as to how the dinosaurs become extinct.
Why did the dinosaurs die out?

Because you touch youself at night!
by AndyAML July 30, 2003
1. Common misspelling of STFU. Often followed by its correct spelling in the next message.

2. Can be quickly given the meaning "SHUT THY FUCKING YAP" when confronted about your misspelling.
Person 1: you suck
Person 2: STFY
Person 2: STFU

Person 1: you suck
Person 2: STFY
Person 1: STFY?
by andyaml April 03, 2004
A method of masturbation, or a way of performing a handjob in which the hand slowly moves up the shaft, followed by an incredibly fast jerk to the bottom. Repeat as needed. Named for its similarity to the "Drop Zone" ride at Paramount Canada's Wonderland.
"So, I heard you got a handjob."

"Yeah, she gave me a drop zone."
by AndyAML April 02, 2004
Someone who believes they are Japanese, despite knowing only about four words of the language. Often reuses the same words over and over within the same sentence.
omg neko-chan THAT IS SOOO KAWAIIIII! ^____^ BAKA BAKA
by AndyAML February 10, 2004
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