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it means shut the fuck up cunt..
STFUC to the one above me that didnt know what it really means
by qiwidkkkdd August 18, 2010
Shut The Fuck Up Cancer
To all those who are dealing with the monster of any type of cancer, that has seemed to have taken over their life. Or is in the process of dealing with the hardships of cancer personally or to someone near you.
STFUC, I won't let this shit take over my life.
by diamondmakeup13 August 23, 2010
Shut the fuck uppercut.
An uppercut directed squarely into one's chin, breaking their jaw and rendering their voice box useless.
Bob: Josh was talking crap about me, so I made him STFU.
Jane: How did you do that, my strangely sexually obsessed friend?
Bob: I gave him an STFUC.
Jane: Haha, you're such a twat.
Bob: STFUC!!
by MrPepper April 26, 2010
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