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Suck to be you
Girl 1: I fell over today in front of my ex
Girl 2: ahahaha STBU
by Divvy Langers February 09, 2010
1 3
You have no arms? STBU!
by duggie December 12, 2003
56 4
an abbrievation of sucks to be you. this is used when someone else has an fml moment and you really dont feel sorry for them. you actually find it funny, and are glad that it didnt happen to you. stbthem or stbhim/her can also be used.
bob: today i asked a girl out and she rejected me and then i ran into a locker and broke my nose.
jimmy: stbu!! hahahahha

jimmy and bob drive by the school band practicing in the pouring rain.
jimmy/bob: stbthem!
by cassiesbarking August 03, 2009
19 5
"Set That Bitch UP" A term used by frustrated sales and marketing groups who get alot of denials. Pronounced (Stah-booh)
Edgar: Dang, Mr. Sanderphuss in CC is killing me. Just STBU already.

Wilheim: Yeah man, STBU
by Manjadahni April 04, 2008
3 22