the best sibling in the world, he can be an ass, but can also care for you till the day he dies. Has some addictions with smoking but will do anything for his lover. Can party like an animal, and is really into BMW's, that he even owns one, and is customized once in a while. He has a big, good sense of humor, and can make you laugh even if something or someone died. Nihad also has addictions to P-O-R-N, but hides it. Nihad is also a very determined person, once he wants to complete a goal, he does anything to get to his goal.
Yo, today ma Puppy dies but Nihad got me to laugh the shit out of me.
by Mikaaooo March 29, 2010
Nihad means a breath of fresh air, someone who is a stress buster (particularly because of his good sense of humor). He enlightens a room by his presence, and is pretty much social though he denies it. He is blatantly honest..will tell a 20year old girl that she looks like an aunt with a straight face and believes that it should be taken lightly!

when in love, he pays a lot of attention to your likes and dislikes and will embody you completely! he will take you out on dates, will plan your birthday months in advance, will pamper you more than your parents, will always take your side and will let you win in a fight! he can be your best friend and also the best boyfriend! he won't be shy once he gets to know you better, and is quite the lion in the room! hell yeah!
I fell in love with the perfect Nihad.

Last night, i slept with a Nihad
by jkrlkm October 01, 2013
The word Nihad is originated from the Emirates. Nihad means a ruler, hailed to rule your heart.

He is also said to conquer peoples heart. Nihad also means a ruler who does too much for the women in his region. He respects them alot.

Apart from this he has a charming look and can melt anyone by his wise words.
He has a good sense of humor and can write wonderful poetry.

An extremely attractive man who can protect you would be a shirt meaning.
I wish I find a nihad for my life.
by Maninthecan September 29, 2013
a muslim faggot who just lost his virginity to a man
Dude I just became a nihad last night!
by Frank Sinatro September 12, 2007

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