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album oriented rock
Their '60s singles have a kinetic, frenzied power that the louder, harder AOR cuts simply couldn't touch.
by duggie November 26, 2003
You have no arms? STBU!
by duggie December 12, 2003
William Shatner
The shat just shat out a new soundtrack song.
by duggie October 28, 2003
A ghost who has been a pirate since his or her living days.
Eeeagh! Ghost pirates!
by duggie October 26, 2003
One who starts a life of piracy after becoming a ghost.
That pirate ghost was once my youth minister stepson!
by duggie October 26, 2003
slang for George W. Bush combining two previous nicknames, Shrub and Dubya.
Thanks to Shrubya, hoovervilles are now all the rage.
by duggie October 26, 2003
"a husband and a wife form a union". Usually seen on yokel t-shirts.
I'm With Stupid --> 1+1=1
by duggie October 28, 2003
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