A site with a stupid name that makes it sound several thousand times more innocent than it actually is.In Clubs most arguments are started by people trolling, and are quite frankly, hillarious most of the time, However there are those sad, boring people who just cant see that it is funny and make comebacks to the troll which they think are 'witty' usually about their use of grammar however makes them look like absolute twats.These people can be aged between 9 and 20 and are the most annoying people on Stardoll.
Then there are the noobs, the poor unfortunate members who have never been taught that Text talk makes you look like an incompetent fool. Because of this, no one takes them seriously and they leave quite quickly
Also, there are the 'guy' members, which 99% are actually girls pretending to be a guy. The noobs (Seen above) Usually have a Stardoll 'Boyfriend' but are oblivious to the fact that they are actually a girl.

Then there are the populars.. Noobs and those crap argue'ers I mentioned first suck up to them. The populars are the ones who only need to post 'Hi' and they get several hundred replies. Usually fit in with cool members.

Lastly, there are the cool members, like me, who have a sense of humour and are sometimes behind the trolling sprees in moments of bordom.

Ofc there are Attention seekers and wemos as well. The Wemos are like Trolls, but actually mean the initial post. And attention seekers are fairly self explainitory.
Me in real life: Omg, I had a fucking hillarious trolling spree on Stardoll last night.
Me: What the fuck do you know? When did you ever make an account
Friend: I dont need to, its got a shit name, so it's shit.
Me: It's better than your precious Tumblr -.-

-Argument in a club-
Troll: UMG whut r pubez? i wanna no
Noob: how old r u? cuz i dont want 2 tell u if ur not old enough...
Serious person: Go get a life. You are pathetic and obviously have no grasp of grammar, no one wants you here so gtfo of this club
Fake Guy: Hey, wanna go on a date babe?
Cool Member: -Says some witty answer that the troll knows is a joke and they both have a convorsation in the topic-
by A Former Fa.2'er January 14, 2012

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Top Definition
A pathetic, but addictive,fashion dolly website for girls, (and gay boys), who dress up dolls, fight with each other, hack accounts, scam each other, and become an online celebrity.

See Ignorant.
Fakeshake3 scammed me out of my HotBuys jacket, so I reported her, but she turned everyone against me. I hate Stardoll.
by TheFemaleDog January 30, 2009

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You may think Stardoll is a innocent site where you interact with different users and dress up dolls,but if you do,then wipe the shit out of your eyes.

Well,some parts of stardoll are completely free and safe,we call those the "elites".
The users with all the MKA rare clothing and the perfect grammar and speech,plus the bland personalities.
NOTE: Elites are known to be backstabbers,will give up a vital organ for First season DKNY.

Then we have the wemos and scene posers.
Most of which are alive in the club forums,or more known to be called "clubs".
They roam OriginalClub,Animal-Lovers.And FashionClub with their short bobs,lip peircings,vulgar writing style,and at least 40 fake eyelashes growing on their eyes like mold growing on old cheese.
Warning: Stay away from them at all cost,tend to attack with various flavored gummy bears in order to impress the guy in the "V.Neighborhood" topic.

Next thing you have to know is that the most popular clubs,e.t Animal-Lovers;OriginalClub;FashionClub, have a severe hatred toward eachother.
OC & FC tend to "invade" upon Animal-Lover's territory.
These "invasions" are known to be lame and filled with insults they got from their drunk older brother.
Animal-Lovers used to invade,but these invasions were far more planned out and entertaining.
The most well known invasions are the "flan,flan" invasion,and the "senior citizen" invasion.
Invasions are acts of supreme boredom.

Alright,now if by chance you piss anyone off by the invasion then give yourself 12+ flan flan points.

Next,the "populars",don't expect your topics in the forums to get fully admired.
People don't really care,unless your popular.

That's pretty much stardoll.

On stardoll,you pay 60 for DKNY platform shoes,and 4.99 for your soul.
Elite: O-M-G is that the Paulina wig?

Elite2: UH,YEAH! I SO HACKED THIS HOE,HAHA,that's what they get.

Elite: OH SPOT ON!

Scene Poser1: RAWRRzz!11one!!11 I iSHHH ASHHlEY!11

Normal Person: Uh,hi?


Scene Poser1: HELLZYEAH!

*Scene poser 1 & 2 run off to talk about stuff while normal person stands there thinking about what the hell he just saw*


AL Member: All you did was make a topic.

Lame invader from OC: Yeah but...I...uhh..gave you emotional stress?

AL member: Sure thing honey,whatever helps you sleep at night.

I thought Stardoll was just for dressing up dolls,but someone hacked my acount and someone else from Animal-Lovers virtually raped me!
by SaviorOfStardoll August 01, 2009

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Stardoll is quite possibly one of the greatest websites ever made. You can piss of the Catholics, steal credit card info, practise hacking, become an internet celebrity, have people be crazy over you, laugh at the lack of intelligence, and mess up the site.
I totally screwed with Callie.Stardoll's account after hacking into it!
by Teale III April 19, 2008

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A fantastic website which enables girls of all ages to express themselves through fashion and make new friends at the same time.
Also a website that loves to take advantage of young people, but only if they're stupid enough.
I love designing clothes at stardoll.com.
My friends on Stardoll are the best!
by 8_Cleo_8 May 16, 2008

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A very popular virtual dress-up website, aimed at teenage girls, although recently a lot of guys have joined. Was originally mostly populated by teens from the USA, but now is particularly popular amongst teens in Ireland for some reason.

Stardoll features a large number of features for its users, which vary depending on whether the user has superstar (paid membership) or non-superstar (free membership). These features include:

-Dressing up online celebrity dolls, including but not limited to Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and a number of real brands including DKNY.
-A 'StarPlaza' in which users can purchase virtual clothing items, with virtual currencly known as 'Stardollars'. More stardollars can by obtained for a user by purchasing superstar membership, unlocking extra features, such as StarBazaar, for said user.
-A virtual magazine which features one user who has acheived the highest 'covergirl' votes. This user wins 25 stardollars and becomes popular almost instantly.
-A 'Stardesign' which allows users to design a pattern using a variety of preset shapes and colours, turning this to into a clothing item and virtually buying it (only available to superstars, unless a promotion is present) and occasionaly, selling it to other users via StarBazaar.
-A 'My page' which works as a profile for the individual user. This feature allows the user to write their own presentation and create a virtual flash suite and decorate it with various decorations, interior designs, and fill their virtual wardrobe.
-A 'Medoll' in which each user can create their own virtual medoll and choose their basic features, such as hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour, etc. Other features such as makeup and accessories can be purchased in the StarPlaza, however, a majority of these are only available to superstar members.
-A 'club' feature, in which members can join a virtual club and participate in discussions, sign a guestbook, create club sceneries and superstar members can even start their own club. Clubs can be about anything, including a band of interest, however, recently a lot of 'adult' clubs have become present, posing a risk to the younger Stardoll members. Also, Stardoll's most popular club, Animal-lovers, has united hundreds of members, not always in a good way. For instance, a number of rather dramatic feuds may have originated in this club, including a variety of ridiculous phenomenons, such as 'virtual parties', 'popular lists', and dirty stories. The owner of this club never seems to be online to control this club, so clearly this my cause a lot of distress to the members who try to moderate the club by themselves, but I don't blame them!

Of course there are many other features on the website, but here I have just outlined most of the main ones.
Although there are some lovely people on Stardoll, who I've had the pleasure to meet and interact with, there are way too many scammers, hackers and liars, and generally unpleasant people. This includes a number of the 'elites', a fairly recent phenomenon, which basically means users who are on Stardoll 24/7, have pretty much ALL the rare clothes, are usually virtual models for a virtual Stardoll-related magazine (such as Style Magazine) and usually have a very obnoxious personality. They are also difficult to communicate with, so avoid these people at all costs.

Children under the age of eleven generally should stay away from joining any of these clubs, in particular Animal-Lovers as this club tends to be more appropriate for older users.

If you are a member of Stardoll, your best bet is probably to join Animal-Lovers and make friends with some of the nice people (but avoid the popular people as they tend to be very unpleasant), and just try not to be one of these popular people. Join in conversations which interest you, and stay away from topics made by the 'popular people'. These topics can be identified as containing 'deep' *sarcasm* lyrics, usually by something along the lines of My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy, usually made by a 'guy' with an emo hairstyle on said person's medoll, and most of the time, getting at least five replies within twenty seconds of posting. If you post in these topics, the intelligent people will automatically label you as stupid (don't let this happen to you).

Stardoll gossip blogs are also a very popular fad. Although to some people they are very addictive to read, try to stay away from these blogs as they might distract you from the fact that Stardoll is just a virtual website, and might make you think that it's real life. This is due to the fact that the authors of these blogs often tend to think of the latest feuds that happen on Stardoll as very similar to those that may happen to real life. Again, don't let this happen to you!

You should also be careful when buying Superstar membership, as this tends to be a risky decision. Users who ungrade their account to superstar often find that it is very addictive and once your superstar membership you tend to buy it again. You should only really buy superstar if you're really, really, desparate.

That's it really. You're supposed to enjoy Stardoll, not take it too seriously.
Stardoll is a fairly good website if you use it appropriately. I'm not particularly popular, but I'm happy with who I am on Stardoll.
by halllahhal April 02, 2009

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A website of which lacks intelligence and justice, yet still manages to be one of the most popular websites. Pretty good if you really want to piss people off (they get pissed so easy)
My username on Stardoll is GardenOfWeden.
by iThink February 24, 2008

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A website full of posers , chavs , wannabes & Gangstas . Where they all get together dress up celebrities and bash each other sometimes even get along and make friends .
(in Guest book)
kitten56789 said on 2006-12-11 20:52:12
666*gothica*666 Pxss off don't send me that shit !
gangsta_*boi* You lay off my boo
666*gothica*666 SHUT UP !
kitten56789 Slut
by I.own.Ohio.oh.yesh December 11, 2006

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