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Stardoll does look like an innocent site. It's a colourful "paper doll heaven" as it used to be named, where (mostly) young girls make an account and dress up celebrities, design their own suite and medoll.
The clubs aren't so innocent. The (mostly) teens and pre-teens of Stardoll.com spend more time in this part of the website. There is thousands of clubs to join, but most of these people join the popular clubs- "FashionClub" "OriginalClub" "Animal-Lovers" "AskPaulinaGirls" - and so on.

Different types of people join the clubs:
1) The Noobs- Basically people who join the club, who are recently new to the site who everyone pick on and bully unfairly.

2) The old ones- People who where in the club since it started. The ones who can give you a list of memories.

3) The welites- People who think they are old, but are really just trying to gain attention, copying other peoples medolls, and trying to act hard.

4) The trouble makers- People who want drama, and tend to do this by typing in caps "I CUTZ MYSELF EVERY NIGHT!!!11!!!" and everyone takes a physke at them. Twenty minutes later they make a topic saying "you're so gullible, I was joking" and eeeverryyone forgives them.
Noob: Hi Guyz, im new here, W@t U up 2?!!! :PP
Club member 1: Oh my god, Use some proper grammer.
Club member 2: LOL look at her medoll!
Noob: Ur so meaan! :(((((
Club member 3: leave her alone, she's only new.

Old member: I remember when stardoll had a pink backround, and we could pay for SS using starpoints.
Old member 2: Yeah, I miss those days :(

Welite 1: Ha, You all don't have your own oppinion. /Cutz.
Normal member: What?

trouble maker: OMGZ, UR ALL SO FUGLY
Normal member: Stfu, TITS OR GTFO
Welite- Omg, I can't believe your posting! You're all really stupid.
by An Fcer January 01, 2011

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