a website where little girls go trying to be cool and to get a boyfriend and some guys go on coz they're gay but they dont want to say it.
girl: wanna b my stardoll bf?
boy: ok.

by FASHiiONFANATiiC March 15, 2008
Stardoll does look like an innocent site. It's a colourful "paper doll heaven" as it used to be named, where (mostly) young girls make an account and dress up celebrities, design their own suite and medoll.
The clubs aren't so innocent. The (mostly) teens and pre-teens of Stardoll.com spend more time in this part of the website. There is thousands of clubs to join, but most of these people join the popular clubs- "FashionClub" "OriginalClub" "Animal-Lovers" "AskPaulinaGirls" - and so on.

Different types of people join the clubs:
1) The Noobs- Basically people who join the club, who are recently new to the site who everyone pick on and bully unfairly.

2) The old ones- People who where in the club since it started. The ones who can give you a list of memories.

3) The welites- People who think they are old, but are really just trying to gain attention, copying other peoples medolls, and trying to act hard.

4) The trouble makers- People who want drama, and tend to do this by typing in caps "I CUTZ MYSELF EVERY NIGHT!!!11!!!" and everyone takes a physke at them. Twenty minutes later they make a topic saying "you're so gullible, I was joking" and eeeverryyone forgives them.
Noob: Hi Guyz, im new here, W@t U up 2?!!! :PP
Club member 1: Oh my god, Use some proper grammer.
Club member 2: LOL look at her medoll!
Noob: Ur so meaan! :(((((
Club member 3: leave her alone, she's only new.

Old member: I remember when stardoll had a pink backround, and we could pay for SS using starpoints.
Old member 2: Yeah, I miss those days :(

Welite 1: Ha, You all don't have your own oppinion. /Cutz.
Normal member: What?

trouble maker: OMGZ, UR ALL SO FUGLY
Normal member: Stfu, TITS OR GTFO
Welite- Omg, I can't believe your posting! You're all really stupid.
by An Fcer January 01, 2011
A doll site meant for little children but everyone there is over 12 years of age.
Everyone's so called dream there is to become covergirl a lot of people try to be covergirl on stardoll and spend over 500sd but never get it my advice don't try for it how about national covergirl yeah.
No one likes noobs on stardoll they are annoying and half of stardoll is noobs they are usually all in parties and clubs like fashion club or original club or MSW, there is also people who think they are popular but are not ignore them they are weird and usually insult you for no reason.
Noob (at stardoll party)


Owner of party

get out !

Noob (in club)
H3y 3veyone I am N3W here wazzup ???

Club member
Hi, bye

people who think they are popluar
Omg I am so amazingly beautiful and everyone loves me

Normal member
*cough* *cough*
by A Stardoll Member March 09, 2011
Stardoll is sometimes very fun and sometimes very boring.Most of the clothes and funiture are for superstars but lets not talk about that.Lets focus on the positive points on stardoll.There are clubs where you get to interact with people from around the world.There are friends requests ; where you can ask someone to be your friend.Once you are friends with somebody you can mail all the time.Sure there are posers,"elites",hackers, and scammers.But I hope we will never forget what stardoll is about.
Stardoll examples
Hacker Example
hacker:Hi! I am giving free makeovers. But I need your password.
hackee:Okay add me and i'll give it to you.
*1 day later*
scamee on a different account:Help ___ hacked my account!

Scammer Example
scammer:Hey can I have your DKNY scuba?We can trade.
scamee: Let's all report ___ she scammed me out of my DKNY scuba! :
by Sugarland10 July 25, 2009
A site with a stupid name that makes it sound several thousand times more innocent than it actually is.In Clubs most arguments are started by people trolling, and are quite frankly, hillarious most of the time, However there are those sad, boring people who just cant see that it is funny and make comebacks to the troll which they think are 'witty' usually about their use of grammar however makes them look like absolute twats.These people can be aged between 9 and 20 and are the most annoying people on Stardoll.
Then there are the noobs, the poor unfortunate members who have never been taught that Text talk makes you look like an incompetent fool. Because of this, no one takes them seriously and they leave quite quickly
Also, there are the 'guy' members, which 99% are actually girls pretending to be a guy. The noobs (Seen above) Usually have a Stardoll 'Boyfriend' but are oblivious to the fact that they are actually a girl.

Then there are the populars.. Noobs and those crap argue'ers I mentioned first suck up to them. The populars are the ones who only need to post 'Hi' and they get several hundred replies. Usually fit in with cool members.

Lastly, there are the cool members, like me, who have a sense of humour and are sometimes behind the trolling sprees in moments of bordom.

Ofc there are Attention seekers and wemos as well. The Wemos are like Trolls, but actually mean the initial post. And attention seekers are fairly self explainitory.
Me in real life: Omg, I had a fucking hillarious trolling spree on Stardoll last night.
Me: What the fuck do you know? When did you ever make an account
Friend: I dont need to, its got a shit name, so it's shit.
Me: It's better than your precious Tumblr -.-

-Argument in a club-
Troll: UMG whut r pubez? i wanna no
Noob: how old r u? cuz i dont want 2 tell u if ur not old enough...
Serious person: Go get a life. You are pathetic and obviously have no grasp of grammar, no one wants you here so gtfo of this club
Fake Guy: Hey, wanna go on a date babe?
Cool Member: -Says some witty answer that the troll knows is a joke and they both have a convorsation in the topic-
by A Former Fa.2'er January 14, 2012
Stardoll is quite a thing.

It's competitions earn you like a day of fandom, unless you're 'swaqq'* then you're virtually nothing.
The website, also made so artists can express their ability to perform in arts fabulously are either 'superiors'* or some lucky 'noob'*.

It contains 'emos' , 'scenes' , 'swaqq ppl' , the 'superiors' and...'noobs'.
Then there are just people are utterly pathetic and put every 'popular' on their bestfriends list.

It seems like everyone is 14, 15, 16 or 17 on the website, originally created for LITTLE GIRLS TO PLAY ONLINE DRESSUP.

There are stupid accounts made up to mock 'Stardollers', usually trolling parties like they're on freaking LSD.

The site, originally made for females, harbours an unnatural amount of gay (unsuspectingly, most of the time) males, who try and 'tlk lyk dis and be kwl ;)))))))' to impress the females. Like pitiless animals.

Albums and sceneries 'make sense'.
That's about it.
emos-dark, "mysterious"

scenes-usually (!) say they cut, like goth, always do 'o-o' 'hi I cut please somebody pity me!'

*swaqq ppl-"ppl hu tlk lyk dis'' and wear their virtual clothes 'swaggy'

*superiors-people who are perfect and own everything that's rare on Stardoll- joined in like 2009, really popular

*noobs-usually attacked for their inability to make sense, and idiotic things like asking other people out- in a pathetic way, in Stardoll 'parties'
by Hann.Rashidi Is Fabulous. July 31, 2013

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