A cigarette, a treatsie.

See also smokey treat.
Hey, Adam, can I bum one of them ST's
by Amore June 02, 2005
A white rapper that will be taken By Fpos aka Levi the 13th. ST thinks that he can rap, but hes just another white boy from the suburbs. the F-possy takes this shithead to town.
U cracker fool. Usin the mic like its a tool. Dont try fuckin with me, im the 3rd makaveli. Heres a faggot you can fuck and kill for free.

Dont even try, bitch.
by Wiggity Wack April 02, 2004
longer form of s and shorter form of stfu
"just st now ok"
"if you dont st now il kill you"
by The maker January 17, 2005
used to tell some one to kalm down

my brothers and siter made it up
yo man stop buggin' ST
by bjb January 23, 2005
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