When someone ditches out on an activity or refuses to participate. You don't say "s.t." You have to say it like a word. You can also place the ST in front of the persons name.

GUY #1- Way to "st" us on Saturday
GUY #2- I had shit to do

GUY #1- Here comes ST.John. I guess he was too cool to hang out with us last week.
GUY #2- What a douche
by ihatest April 18, 2009
Abbreviation for 'same thing'.
Uhh don't you mean..
ST, you know what I meant!
by ghgfxdjhfhjgf August 04, 2011
A cigarette, a joint, a smokie treat. Something that when you put a lighter up to it, the lighter says, "You are my most beautiful creation." An ST, a zesty, zesty, ST.
Greg: Hey LT Douchebag!
LT: Yes??
Greg: I need one of them there ST's!
LT: Some zest?
Greg: Yes you faggot, some zesty, zesty, ST's.
by AK's Piece March 14, 2008
An abbreviation for Smoke Tree's commonly found as graffiti in northern california and possibly socal
example 1
guy1: yo dude after class you wanna ST?
guy2: yeah dude lets hit it up

example 2
guy1: whats that written on the the fence?
guy2: ST dude

guy1: whats that mean?
guy2: Smoke trees duh
by Lax attack November 29, 2007
an abbreviation for Suicidal Tendencies which lets the listener know that the speaker is personally down with the ideologies and cyco tendencies associated with these hardcore music scene founders known for their love of thrash and speed metal qualities which board on classical composition arrangements. Usually someone who pushes it to the limit just to feel the real truth in the experience and then walk off from the situation completely done.

To be labeled $ is the same as to be labeled psyco .aka. cyco or dangerous and unpredictable when it comes to feelings or getting a bad deal.
Dude, he was so $ that I knew he was gonna berserk the minute his wife started creepin; that bitch's shit was not only in the street the next morning---it was torched and tire tracked.
by thee radical elcectic September 15, 2006
Sports Techonologies. Ford's current performance models have the ST tag in a similar fashion to the RS tag of the old focus. There are currently Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo ST Models in the european market.
My ST is so much better than your zetec-s!!!
by JaJake April 17, 2006
An abbreviation for "SMOKE THAT" used to confirm you'd have sex with someone.
Eric," Yo, Bill checkthis chic out.
Billy," ST boss"
by westley e truck December 29, 2008
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