n. pl. SSPs

Sexual Service Provider: Derived from the acronym, ISP, which most commonly stands for Internet Service Provider. The word is meant to classify a subset of women / men who provide pleasures of the flesh without the demeaning stigma.
Always tip your young, tight, and busty SSP; especially after a stellar rim job!
by p1mp1nSHAWTY April 22, 2015
An initialism, stands for: shameless self promotion
"Follow me on twitter @mrjimsmith, sorry about the SSP"

"SSP: my youtube is insertusername here!"
by Jaq__ January 18, 2012
a wrestling move, done well by only a few
Billy Kidman's SSP sucks; Paul London's is far superior.
by bethy January 12, 2004
super sexy penis
I have one big SSP
by Justin February 13, 2004
Stands for South Side Posse Its a group Out Here In Louisiana That Im In Our Sign Iz 4 Fingers Up 4 Fingers Down.
by JACKA55 April 13, 2009
coolest wrestling forum on the net. Headed by super mods, the best place ever.
He was a good person. He should go to SSP.
by CockNoseMcSmellAss January 18, 2003
The worlds most stuck up pompous pretentious and stupid opinion forum. Run by a nazi and frequented by sheep.
Damn, something sure smells like SSP over here. Better open a window!

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