SSBBW – Term coined by the fat acceptance movement to denote a women with an amazingly attractive face but possessing a body of astonishing girth and weight (400lbs plus). These women are generally found living lonely and solitary lives gorging them selves while remaining in denial of detrimental effects their extreme size has on their health and personal lives. Those that are lucky enough to attain some form of personal relationships are usually found in the company of small to average sized men with low self esteem and an unhealthy fat or feederism fetish.
Renee is a ssbbw and every time we have sex, I roll over twice and I’m still on the bitch.
by Big Renee May 22, 2007
It means "Super Size Big Beautiful Woman".

In other words, it is a type of person that is comparative to Big Foot. To better understand:

People say they've seen Big Foot. People say they've seen SSBBWs.

People give vague pictures of Big Foot. People give vague descriptions of SSBBWs.

In both case, neither have been spotted.
Whoa, was that a SSBBW? I should take a picture! But what intelligent individual will believe me that an morbidly obese woman could be beautiful?
by BusinessMan July 17, 2005
The BBW are a species of women who are comparable to the dinosaurs. You see, at one time, millions of years ago during the ice age, there was a slim chance one may encounter a BBW, instead of the usual hideous fat woman.

However, the SSBBW is more comparable to Big Foot. Not merely because their shoe size are beyond human imagination, but because of their status as a possible species. People say SSBBW exists, but we don't see them. Some claimed they have witnessed them, but could offer no reasonable proof. Those who present a picture usually give something dubious. In the case of Big Foot, the picture is blurred or is merely a shadow. In the case of the SSBBW, the picture is comprise entirely of her stomach.

Truly more research is needed to find these "Super Size Big Beautiful Women".
Holy shit! That's not a regular, horrendously overweight fat woman! It's the SSBBW! I should capture it because I would surely fetch a good price since it's been reputed to be a fairy tale!
by BusinessMan July 07, 2005

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