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Skinny Rich Bitch: A teenage girl that spends all of her parents money at the mall. She is very thin and thinks she is fat. She has many SRB friends. Most of them are blonde. They lack intelligence and when talking to them they say ("like") 1000 times. They don't know how to drive, and have pink cell phones.
Those are a bunch of SRBS walking in the mall.

"I am like so cool because I like have these cool shoes that like are so cute. Like i paid so much for them, and I like am the only one is my school that like has them.....Like oooooh my god, that skirt is so cute...."
by JAHRT January 16, 2006
Smiling Real Big, Smirking, Smirk, grin, smug.
Used in Texting, or Chat: Hey buddy don't worry about the money you owe me; I'll only charge you 100% interest per year, srb. (Smiling Real Big.)
by club260 October 15, 2011
Silly Road Boner: ON a long drive, you can't help but get an erection.
I got an SRB while driving at work the other day, but I was able to hide it with my sweatshirt.
by Verne Cunningham September 22, 2011
Stupid Raver Bitch.
Im gonna be a SRB for Halloween this year.
by schwastebotz May 30, 2014
Self-righteous bitch. Someone who is very confident in their own righteousness. And is not very accepting of others opinions.
Damn, that girl is definately a SRB!
by Jessthegroupie August 08, 2007
Smiling Real Big. For many reasons but also because most people aren't actually laughing out loud (LOL) when they read a text or email.
We had a fun time with everyone at the bar last night, SRB.

Or anytime someone says a semi funny joke you can SRB instead of LOL.
by thewitt33 December 07, 2012
srb=smile real big

Acronym used while texting/chatting to replace "lol" and/or "haha." The terms "lol" and "haha" are overused when texting/chatting when the individual in reality is not "lauging out loud" or "haha-ing" but rather just smiling really big.
"Stop being silly srb"
by dtxboi February 21, 2012

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