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A bullshit Defense used by rich kids to justify murdering four, innocent people.
You know i wish i was ethan couch....plead "affluenza" and get away with underage drinking and say i don't know any better
by koshe December 13, 2013
A legal defense to avoid the consequences of one's own actions. Some one who suffers from affluenza believes wealth allows them to get away with anything.
He suffered from affluenza, excessive affluence that made him think he could pay for any problem to go away.
by Epic Gilgamesh December 12, 2013
Attempting to meet non-material needs through the consumption of material goods
My life sucks and I have no friends... a trip to the mall will make me feel better!
by Torch October 20, 2004
Affluenza, typically referred to as "rich bitch itch" or "silver spoon syndrome", is a contagious disorder usually resulting from living off the pay cheque and/or status of others. Often those affected with affluenza show symptoms early in the disease, with affected children learning to display their caregivers wealth or status in order to acquire friendships.

Contamination later in life is generally limited to those of the female persuasion who use their husband or partner's status to sway the balance of power in their favour. Though seen in males on occasion, it is generally quite rare for males to be infected by the position power of their partner or spouse.

Though a cure has not been definitely established, affluenza is often treated by therapy which can include community service at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. More intense treatment for this disorder includes forced relocation away from the source of the patient's perceived power. Some professionals believe neurasnobberase inhibitors are highly effective in small doses but studies have been inconclusive.
Sarah: "I can't believe how much Mandy has changed since she married the military base commander... we used to be so close... now she's a huge snob!"

Christa: "I've seen it before when these women marry someone with a rank higher than Corporal... affluenza."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
A condition which occurs in Rich People (tm) whereby they have an unwarranted sense of entitlement.
That rich bloke suffers from affluenza.
by Hugh Jourbe November 24, 2003
Money-sickness, ie greed.
"New car, new house and a huge boat... he has affluenza again."
by Bec December 13, 2003
When someone wants nothing more to accumulate goods (and) or wealth.
Random Person: Wow, looks like that person has affluenza!
by AlphaWolfess February 16, 2005
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