what a girl has on her a**hole BEFORE its penetrated.
If she has all of her spokes left that means she's never had anal penetration.
by Jay January 18, 2004
a friend, or homey.
What's up spoke ?

Me and my spoke were rolling through town in the six four.
by Matthew C. Paige November 13, 2007
When used to describe ass-pounding...Busting spokes
"I'm busting spokes and stealing rims."
by spokes1124 December 13, 2003
Agreeing with something said. Used generally as a response to something you find right.
"Dude that test sucked"
"Yeah you spoke"
by qwertypirate March 01, 2014
Pronunciation: \ˈspōk\
Function: verb

To derail a bicyclist by impeding wheel rotation with a foreign object.
This hooligan keeps riding their bike on the sidewalk. They don't listen when I tell them to ride in the street, so yesterday I spoked 'em with a pipe. Now, they don't ride on sidewalks anymore.
by drunn September 16, 2008
In poker a spoke is the hand A2345 also known as a wheel. Use of the term is gaining popularity particularly in Nevada and Southern California, primarily because it can be conveniently used as a verb, as in the example below.
The donkey in the 4-seat thought he was getting at least half the pot but I spoked him on the river.
by TheGameKat June 06, 2009
A combination of the words spoonand poke.Those cold evenings when all you fancy is a little spoon action and a cheeky poke.
Tonight will be a good night for a spoke
by Segb89 October 06, 2013

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