on forums spam should only be considered to apply to blatant spammers who blatantly try to sell shit or who post the same spam links over and over like some kind of fucking spam bot or spammer-troll!! see troll

I don't like spam,meh!
by fuckshit September 29, 2005
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90% of my e-mails are spam.
by Xizer November 11, 2004
(1.) (N.) Really nasty meat in a can for Project Moms and Divorced, Lonely Fathers. From the people who bing you Chubb. Comes in Spam, Spam Light, and Spamburger Deluxe.
(2.) (N.) Annoying Junk Mail send out in Large Quanities by a man named Ronnie Scelson from Louisana.
(3.) (N.) A classic Monty Python routine that's known for annoyingly overusing the word "Spam" meaning the food like product. It's Ironic today because the E-Mail Spam is just as annoying.
I Hate Spam!
by G-Union January 12, 2004
A common topic of conversation for stoners
"heh....Spam"......"MORE SPAM!!...Heh heh heh!" "ha ha ha ha more spaaaam!" CRAZY TASTAY!!!
by The Apprentice June 16, 2003
While playing FIFA, someone repeatedly through balls in hopes of randomly finding an open guy. This is their only form of passing.
Sean is a spammer and has no skill in passing.

Classic Sean, passing to no one hoping to find an open guy.
by adee28 August 01, 2014
Derogatory term for female genitalia. Derived from tinned 'spiced ham' to suggest unruly, meaty and somewhat fatty quality of labia lips. Originally coined in WWII, when American GI's in London first encountered a combination of British canned meat products and loose women. Connotes a certain cheapness and availability, as in 'Show us your Spam!'.
Samantha undid her stockings and hiked her panties to give him a good look. 'Wow,' Chuck gasped, 'that's a helluva load a Spam you've got there!'
by texadorno February 12, 2013
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