A common topic of conversation for stoners
"heh....Spam"......"MORE SPAM!!...Heh heh heh!" "ha ha ha ha more spaaaam!" CRAZY TASTAY!!!
by The Apprentice June 16, 2003
Slaying Pussy Acquiring Money
Jack: I boned your mom and her friends.
Brent: I know you went SPAM
by snatchtickler September 15, 2011
Basically, it's just replying to something online by dragging your fingers over the keyboard. Nobody likes a spammer, so don't do it.
Spam: surterwectukrtywe tcrirfhzdjkhferhueytertnyeimcerk fmgjftitguerei.
by Geo Freek January 23, 2011
to soil your britches
OMFG man that was so scary I think I just spammed my panties!
by MrCricket January 02, 2011
1. Get in contact with me somehow. May result in multiple repeats of a message.

2. Leaving messages in every contact form possible. May cause panic in older generations, thinking it's an emergency.
Manda: You want to get ice cream sometime tomorrow?
Anthony: Yeah, just spam me when you want to meet.

(Mother doesn't pick up phone call from far off college student.)
Mom: You sent me emails at both my accounts, left messages on both my work lines, my cell, and the house, and you texted everyone in the family. What is so damn important?
Child: Yeah, I had to have my appendix removed in an emergency, and I thought you should know.
by Victor Romanov June 28, 2010
Unfortunate slap to the forhead
haha i spammed him silly
by cum nugget June 21, 2010
Useless words, posts, threads or other meaningless forms of communications.
"FUCK more spam..."
by Not Not Definately not KiwiMan January 15, 2010

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