A slap administered to the centre of the forehead, pref. on the hairline with the index, middle and ring fingers from the tips to the second knuckles. The flat palm of the hand can also be used but is morely likely to provoke a fist-shaped retaliation. Action must be accompanied by the shouting of the word upon impact viz: "SPAM!!!"
Spammer approaches Spammee, and taps on shoulder. As the Spammee turns, the Spammer lunges, shouting "SPAM!" momentarily confusing and disorienting the victim, but more significantly, irritating them.
by DrTazzle (aka: Human Thesaurus) February 06, 2007
While playing FIFA, someone repeatedly through balls in hopes of randomly finding an open guy. This is their only form of passing.
Sean is a spammer and has no skill in passing.

Classic Sean, passing to no one hoping to find an open guy.
by adee28 August 01, 2014
Derogatory term for female genitalia. Derived from tinned 'spiced ham' to suggest unruly, meaty and somewhat fatty quality of labia lips. Originally coined in WWII, when American GI's in London first encountered a combination of British canned meat products and loose women. Connotes a certain cheapness and availability, as in 'Show us your Spam!'.
Samantha undid her stockings and hiked her panties to give him a good look. 'Wow,' Chuck gasped, 'that's a helluva load a Spam you've got there!'
by texadorno February 12, 2013
stands for stupid pointless annoying message, usually told by trolls in forums for random things. sometimes wrote in gibberish like example one, or putting random words in a random order, like example 2 shows.
Example 1:

Harry: hey John what's up?
John: ubcdblksajncxkcjndkjnx
Harry: ...

example 2:

Zack: Hey James whatcha doing?
James: lamb got spaghetti inside better you what LOL cool.
Zack: what?
James: IKR frog brought LOLOL jk :D
Zack: ......you spam to much n00b..
by youshallneverknowmyname February 22, 2012
1. A type of meat in a can. We aren't sure which one at this point.

2. Random words meant to annoy/take up lots of space in a chat room or email inbox.

Joe: What kind of meat is this?
Bob: Spam.
Joe: That doesn't answer my question.

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by shvgcjsvdcjsgdcksdbkjvcssda vb January 18, 2012
Acronym: Sexually Promiscuous As a Motherfucker

Etymological derivative of "Ham/Going Ham".
"It turned out my girlfriend was spam so I stopped eating her."

"If you can't afford anything else, go spam."
by b-stef o' cinn city September 30, 2011
A person/robot who send many random, pointless, advertising, or annoying messages that no one cares about!
Usually to emails, online gaming, or social networking sights.
Oh, and also less known fact canned food.

2:GO TO http:/www.knowonecaresatall.com/pointlessness TO GET A FREE SAMPLE!


4:Have you ever ate spam? It's actually not that bad...
by SPAM(AHLKJADL:F) May 26, 2011
a "meat" product which Hawaiians love. also known as shit on a shingle if spread on crackers or bread.
in the war we had to eat that shit on a shingle every day morning noon and night for weeks.

by cecelily March 09, 2011

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