SP aka sh*t pill has evolved through many generations of students at a particular private boys school.
Generally it refers to someone who has an outwardly bad haircut, thus pill referring to head or hair. the term is used in a derogatory sense; whereby it works to belittle the person who has to bear the unfortunate reality of having a bad haircut
Usually, the term is said at the beginning of the day when the student first enters school and or is used the first day(s) back from term holidays etc where they have been made to get their 'pill' chopped.
Bad haircuts, sh*t pills, or simply SP's can include such styles as short at the back and long at the front, attemped mullets, and 'muzztek' cuts on people who are in fact, not ethnic. Also, crew cuts on people who usually do not have such cuts are branded Sp's
People who encompass Sp's are put down for days, even weeks on end up until their haircut is restored to a NP, or normal pill. Girls usually stay right away from boys with sp's and rightly so.
usually go by the name 'pat' and or other variations
HAHAHAHAHAHAH man that guy has a SP

shattered mate, you got an SP

How could u pay for such an SP

You paid 75 bucks for that?! what an SP!
by marty13 October 27, 2006
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Sex Party

The #1 answer to all the questions.
John: Hey, what did we do in class yesterday?
Brasil: SP.
John: Bitch! Don't lie to me!
by BrasilStyle April 24, 2009
after a word you just type and you're not sure of the spelling, just put (sp?); means the spelling of the word is probably wrong.

EXAMPLE: This exmple (sp?) sucks. NOTICE how I spelled "Example" wrong.
by Steve May 08, 2003
Text slang popularized by the instant messaging age, used to ask if the spelling of a preceding word is correct. Seen more often in discussion forums where grammar is emphasized.
My friend had pneumonia (sp?)
by Shendal June 07, 2006
(Sexual) service provider; courtesan; prostitute
The Canadian Escort Review Board has a SP-only section to warn each other of bad johns.
by 42i4o25 April 11, 2009
'Suppressive Person' as coined by self-proclaimed Scientologist, Tom Cruise in the ever increasingly popular interview seen on youtube where he can not control his laughter and brags about stopping to help people who are in accidents along the highway.
"They said: 'so, like... have you met an SP?'" <cackling laughs> "And I looked at them and...You know..."
"And I thought how what a beautiful thing because maybe one day it will be like that. You know what I'm saying? Maybe one day it will be that..." <can't control his laughs> "Wow, SPs, like, they'll just read about those in the history books, you know." --Tom Cruise
by mrd00d January 17, 2008
The most widely-used abbreviation for the word "spelling".
Alright, who uranated in the teapot again? {sp. intentional}
by Telephony February 15, 2012
Short for "Starting Price". Originally a gambling term for the odds that would pay-out on horse races. In modern usage it is a generic term used when one wishes to receive a clear and concise response. Similar to an "executive summary". Used in the UK in the same way as "bottom line" in the USA.
Reg: What's the SP on that Richard of yours?
Johnny; Judy? Fine no problem.
by ALT-F4 November 24, 2012

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