A girl (or guy) looking to "sit on dicks"
Whose going on SOD patrol tonight?

That girls looking to SOD.
by SODmirer July 30, 2013
acronym for sex on delivery
I'm on call for yu, seven days a week, sex on delivery, s.o.d - plies;; want it, need it
by |s h a w t y| December 25, 2008
storm troopers of death. a kick ass band.
S.O.D. will rock your balls off.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
Sød is a danish word for sweet ore cute. It can both refer to a person, an animal or food.
If you want to give a compliment to a girl you could say 'You're sweet' In danish 'Du er sød'.
by viking2450 April 23, 2010
sex on demand.
Being fed up with having to serve her hubby sexually whenever he asks her to have sex, the wife one day summoned enough guts and shouted at her hubby: "From now onwards, you won't have S.O.D. I have also my own sex life to dig."
by uttam maharjan March 29, 2010
Silly Online Drama
My Facebook wall is covered in SOD this morning.
by AppleJack123 July 09, 2014
Originally 'sod' meant a clump of dirt or earth.

Now it is a soft curse word.
"he held the sod of earth in his hands"

"ah, sod you all!"

"you bloody sod!"
by CeliaMay February 04, 2006
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