S.O.D. ("Stormtroopers of Death") - a heavy metal side-project band formed by two members of Anthrax (Charlie Benate - drums, Scott Ian - guitar), Anthrax's roadie Billy Milano on vocals, and Dan Lilker (originally a member of Anthrax, but better known from the band Nuclear Assult).

The band recorded the album "Speak English or Die" in 1985, during a gap in Anthrax's schedule. It was essentially meant to be a novelty record, with the band planned as being a one-time side project. The album was notorious for its few outright sexist and racist themes, blue humor, plus songs that were hilariously short (the last track being "Diamonds And Rust (extended version)", which is literally two seconds long). Billy Milano would eventually form M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) his own band in a similar metal novelty vein.

However, S.O.D. achieved an unexpected cult following, and many have cited the album as being a historical bridge between the genres of hardcore punk and speed metal. The band reunited in 1992 and again in 1997, before finally recording an album of new material in 1999.
S.O.D. patches and t-shirts were not an uncommon site among metal fans in the 1980s, despite the fact that the band only had made one album at the time.
by Bill M. August 02, 2004
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The meaning 'sodomite' is a little old fashioned. More typically it's used as a softer form of 'fool', 'idiot', or 'bastard'.
He's a daft old sod, but you've got to love him.
by Keith Gaughan September 03, 2003
text, slang and abbrev. for "So Decent"
Jeff: "I just got a $1OOO. bonus!

Lyn: "SO D!"
by birdiess September 19, 2010
1. A piece of dirt and grass, usually found stuck to the bottom of shoes after running (Or walking) On a muddy field.

2. Short for "Sodomy", meaning anal sex, which comes from the Sodomites of Sodom. This term, usually used in a derogatory manner, can be used to say fuck off, as in "Sod off" or it can be used as an adjective "That sodding bastard"

3. An idiot, a fool. Someone you dislike.
Man, all this sod was stuck on the bottom of my shoe, and even worse, it dried out and now it's hard as a rock!

Look at that sodding bastard over there, scoping out girls he doesn't even have a chance with when they're drunk!

Fucking sod spilt my drink, and i wasn't having any of that!
by Zumwalmi October 03, 2006
1. Means "Stacks on Deck".
2. When used in an aggressive tone, it means "Swammies on Deck" or "Straps on Deck" aka "We Got Pistols, so don't play". (See Swammie) (Also used as the title for the new Tony Yayo mixtape with this meaning)
1. Soulja Boy Tell'em and the only one that got S.O.D. fool! Just look @ John McCain!

2. Oh, dude thinks he's funny. Wait till he comes out the club, we got S.O.D. waitin' for his ass.
by Shotta October 06, 2008
fool, foolish, idiot

used by the english more than anything.
Sex Pistols use this term in one of there songs

"Iam a lazy Sod!" Johnny Rotten

Iam a lazy fool
by Jeff edelblute September 27, 2006
"Swammies on Deck"- Having more than one firearm in ones pocession or in within arms reach.
You know I always got the S.O.D.
by xMoneyxMikex February 12, 2009
Brithish slang term meaning bastard
Aw buggger off you corney SOD
by Killzark August 25, 2009

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